Alesia’s first pastor, who served in the church from 1906 – 1910, was William J. Mosedale.

Alesia Free Methodist Church's first pastor, William J. Mosedale, served from 1906 - 1910.

In 1911, the church’s records showed that D. A. King was serving as pastor, with James Alban as the Sunday school superintendent and Frank Markey as the class leader.

In 1914, S. G. Frederick was elected Sunday school superintendent. Mr. Frederick and his brothers, Harry and James, were also recommended for Exhorter’s Licenses, and later became local preachers.

Over the following three years, members of these families became full members of Alesia’s church: Gorman, Jenkins, Nagle, and Yelton.

1906 – 1917: Church Leadership & Growth